Ria Formosa is a protected area, away from big roads and buildings, away from factories and pollution, a small Paradise, where the Sea and the River make the landscape and the salt appears with no human intervention.

Between the low vegetation, canes and little ponds formed to collect the salt, Ria Formosa is the shelter of an impressive bird variety – local and emigrant. Here we can find, living in harmony, local birds and migrating birds, that cross Europe going south to escape winter and finding here a pleasant and cosy place, and we can watch them for months for pleasure of specialized and occasional bird watchers.

It’s a place of communion and silence, sun and sea, where two forces of nature come together to produce the most crystalline and pure product. While the sea rests in the ponds and Algarve’s sun meets its peak, between May and September, there is the collection of Sea Salt and Salt Flower.