We believe that Sea Salt and Salt Flower traditionally collected are high quality products, indispensable for a healthy and tasty diet.
We bet on quality by maintaining and preserving our salines, through a production that is both artisanal and ancestral and assuring that our traditional salt is not contaminated. We chose not to use packages and sell in bulk to avoid energetic wastes, in order to reduce our ecological footprint.
Not only we sell directly to the public – growingly interested, informed and oriented to the origins, but also to companies with an ecological vision, that prioritize quality and want to offer to their clients excellent products under their brands.

Our ambition is to broaden the international markets where we are and support the growing culture of healthy, biological and traditional consumption.


To create economic and social value is the guideline for the work we develop. We strive to help grow a culture of healthy consumers, biological and ecofriendly production, supporting Algarve’s region.
Our recipe is to offer excellent quality Traditional Sea Salt and Salt Flower, blending tradition and innovation, bringing together present and future needs, for a sustainable product.
We want to be the competitive advantage for our consumers.
We want to partner with our consumers – directly or through the companies willing to put our products in their markets.
We want to supply domestic kitchens and make presence on national and international tables, creating the foundations for a different approach to food production, combining taste and health. We wish for a sustainable, biological and aware consumption, creating a net of partners unified by a vision of a growing market, ecological sustainability and the respect for our operating grounds.