What is it?

Salt Flower is the thin layer of crystals formed at the surface of sea water, between May and September. These fragile micro-crystals composed by different types of salt, are collected daily, by hand, using traditional and natural methods. They dry in the sun and later get packed for different market segments. It’s a 100% natural product, without treatments or additives, considered gourmet salt.

The formation of these crystals depends on 3 atmospheric conditions: temperature and solar radiation must be high and wind must be gentle. And so, these tiny crystals start forming at the surface, gather with the wind, forming a white and shiny layer – never touching the bottom and drying in the sun for seven days.


Produced in lesser quantities since it is just a thin layer, but high on flavor intensity and delicacy, Salt Flower is a gourmet seasoning and ex-libris for major international kitchens. It is not used in place of salt during the cooking process. Instead, it is added just before serving, like a garnish, a “finishing salt,” to boost the flavour of food.


Salt Flower is very important for our health, since it is rich in minerals such as zinc, iron, iodine, magnesium, potassium, copper and calcium. Besides these minerals, due to its sea origins and special crystallization, it contains 80% of the microminerals that our body needs, and it contributes for its good balance. This product contains minerals and essential nutrients, and it’s formed by micro-crystals that aid in the digestion process.

Preserving all the elements is guaranteed in the final product. And so a diet that includes salt flower doesn’t need any mineral complement.