Our Traditional Sea Salt is produced in our salines in Algarve for the past hundreds of years, through ancestral techniques. It’s 100% natural, with no industrial process or the use of any kind of chemical additive, using only sea water, solar and eolic energy.

After the crystallization, the salt is collected by hand and dried in the sun for at least 5 days to ensure the remaining water evaporates, maximizing the percentage of magnesium and iodine. Once it is not refined, marine salt maintains the 84 microminerals generally removed during a refining process. Collecting endures from May to September.

Traditional Sea Salt is considered the “ancient food additive” in the whole world, it’s an ingredient present in almost every recipe, increasing flavor and balancing bitterness and acidity.

Some unique characteristics of traditional sea salt, easily identifiable, are its natural white colour, the uneven crystals and its humidity.

Traditional Sea Salt is often confused with regular sea salt, however, our sea salt, manually collected, can be differentiated by its certification of a natural production.