Which values do we stand for?

We are a family from Algarve, working in salt production for more than a hundred years, and our Salines in Ria Formosa are in a protected ecological reserve. We’ve always been driven by quality. To achieve the best product, we develop the most efficient harvesting techniques. We recognise the sound of our salt between the fingers, the sea smell, the way salt slides in the water when we collect it and we want to bring this experience to the consumer’s table.

Biosalt chose not to use chemicals nor additives, to offer a 100% natural product.

We believe in the families’ connection to the land and we want our work to be reflected in the way we produce Sea Salt and Salt Flower.

Ethics, Tradition, Culture, Ambition, Innovation, Quality, Social and Environmental Responsibility, these are the values that embody our products and those we want to preserve.